1Hand & Stone, Boulder, CO.~ Get a therapeutic massage session

Are you stressed by a hectic schedule and need a relaxing session? Worry not! Here at Hand & Stone are for your aid to relieve your stress. The friendly and helpful professionals are ready to flourish your day and soothe you with lightning touch. We are here to comfort your mental and physical health.

We provide massage services in your area. The services we provide are designed to reduce your anxiety and tension span. You will happily walk out of here with an emotion of awe and incredibility. The massage therapy in Boulder, CO professionals are fully authorized, enlisted, and trained to aid you in the best ways possible. We provide a therapeutic massage to our clients for a rested and relaxed day.

Spare some time to get a massage!

Get the best solace, ease, and treatment on your schedule.

  • There are various massages customized for every experience under different niches of discomfort management and anxiety solace.
  • Our skilled and trained experts help you realize and perceive which treatments best suit you.

Types of massage

There are various types of massage you must try in multiple situations.

  • If you want to take a break and get some relaxing time to forget about your daily problems and stress, you must try Swedish massage therapy.
  • If you are an athlete, there is a customized passage for you. Here you will revive the span of your physical tendency and develop yourself for the heavy activities.

Similarly, other messages are modified for your benefit, fitting your lifestyle. Therefore we invite you to come and explore various massage therapies.

Our services!

  • Most of the massage therapies are personalized and supplemented. The supplements are available for you to increase your circulation process and the natural recovery of your body.
  • An energizing facial massage that helps revive your skin to feel soft, fluffy, and comfortable.
  • We are open seven days a week so that you can contact us whenever you need.
  • We treat you with utmost respect and admiration. Our welcoming place will feel like home.
  • Affordable and easy to access service with available schedule and customized packages.

You only need to contact us to schedule an appointment and wait for comfort. We are happy to serve you in Boulder, CO.