Entertain Yourself At Internet Restricted Places With Unblocked Games Weebly

Gone are the days when playing a game requires being physically present at the venue. The dawn of the internet made it possible to play online games. With all kind of smart devices and various gaming consoles present in the market, online gaming is becoming popular among the people, especially children and the youth.

Unblocked games

Some games may be blocked deliberately by the school’s administrators or the organization in which you work due to their own reasons. People are always in search of websites that have access to the games which are not blocked. With unblocked games weebly one can easily play online games.

Unblocked Games

Why are games blocked?

In this technological age, almost all institutes and organizations have a Wi-Fi or internet enabled campus. But this facility may cause a nuisance. They block the games because:

  • Children at schools play online games rather than to study.
  • Source of distraction for employees of various organizations.

How are games blocked?

These games are blocked by using a proxy server. It is kind of network security filter between the requested server and the main server. Whenever a client requests a file, the proxy first analyses it according to the security set-up of the main server before offering it to the client.

Games that proxy server cannot detect

Despite so many restrictions posed by a proxy server, there are many sites that successfully cloak themselves from it. One of them is unblocked games weebly. Now the question arises that how come some websites don’t come under the radar. The answer to this question is hidden in the address of any website. At the beginning of any website’s address, ‘http’ or ‘https’ is used. The ‘http’ means hypertext transfer protocol while ‘https’ stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. In general, sites using ‘http’ are easily detected by the security filter and are blocked. This doesn’t mean that https sites cannot be blocked. They too are susceptible to the proxy server but require a special kind of programming done for the sole purpose of blocking sites using https, which is rare.

Also, the internet administrator focuses on big and popular websites and these games are always found on lesser known sites. Hence, they easily bypass the proxy.

Online games are a cheap source of entertainment and help you to enjoy in your free time. If you are also having proxy issues then do logon to https://unblockedgamesguru.weebly.com/ to enjoy several unblocked games.