Everything You Need to Know About Carnetsoft Research Driving Simulator

Carnetsoft is the company having huge experience in the development of driving simulator software. Their research driving simulator is fully interactive and programmable driving simulator, along with 210 degrees enclose graphics HD rendering over six channels, which include center, right and left view, and in addition to it, three rearview mirrors on every monitor.

The software allows you to create experiments in various subjects. Amazingly, you can define experiments quickly, and outcomes are determined efficiently. There are many benefits of using research simulator as compared to real cars, such as:

v  The simulator provides control over the experimental and environmental conditions. If you like to perform research in an actual vehicle on roads, then it is highly true that every driver comes across different factors or situations. Traffic, lighting, and weather conditions always vary, and it means there will be an introduction of unfortunate measurement error in an experimental design. On the other side, you can define experimental conditions in a driving simulator, and this thing is never possible in the real world.

v  There is no doubt that vehicles can be integrated with the data measurement tool. However, the simplicity of measurement in a driving simulator is extraordinary. You just have to define the data you like to sample, and you are then ready to move.

v  It is not advisable to perform research on public roads, and it is all because of moral considerations. On the other side, studies on the impact of alcohol and numerous drugs are generally better performed in a simulator due to the safety considerations.

The Carnetsoft research driving simulator is developed with the aid of experienced and professional behavioral researchers so that it becomes an ideal tool for defining behavioral experiments into human factors and car driving. In addition to it, the research simulator is ideal software for science education in universities and schools, to guide students on how to create and do behavioral experiments, and how to perform data analysis. Furthermore, research simulators can be used for studies on the consequences of distraction, in-vehicle systems, and secondary tasks on the performance of driving.

When you place an order for the Carnetsoft software, installation will be done with entire virtual environments. The virtual instructor language will be English, and you will get an invoice. Plus, they will upload the installation to the server in 2 to 3 weeks after you are done with payment.

To know more about Carnetsoft research simulator order procedure and its installation, you can visit the Carnetsoft official website. Here, you will get more idea about the simulator, and why there is a need for it in the driving training program.