Getting Rid Of Fallen Leaves with Electric Rake

Fallen leaves are a lot of fun to lash out, and can offer much-required nutrients to your garden. Not just they are added to the compost bin & made in leaf mould but also provide a high source of nutrients to the plant beds. However, unordered piles of fallen and rotting leaves can be sometimes a big nuisance, attracting several pests and turning in an eyesore. Then comes the time you need to invest in electric rake. When buying a lawn rake, you need to look for the tool that is simple to use & comes well-equipped to treat lawns in right way.

How to Select the Right Garden Rake?

If you are looking to buy rake to clean leaves, grass trimmings, twigs or other lighter materials, lawn rake will be the right choice for you. They have got thinner and set tines made to catch & gather the stray materials.

Look at the Rake Handles: Rake handles are made of metal, wood and fiberglass. The wooden rake handles will add weight; fiberglass and metal are a bit lighter and will be preferred by people for such reason. Fiberglass and metal handles are less subject to breakage and rotting.

Suppose you want the rake for some tough jobs such as turning on soil and leveling the lawn, ensure you go with the heavy-duty model that has heavier and claw-like tines.

When you are looking to buy rake for clearing leaves, the set of leaf scoops will be the right option. They can be a bit lighter in the weight, though you can find plenty of bending over & crouching involved.

Time to Repair Your Lawn

Basically, you must scarify the lawn once in a year. And the best time for doing this is during the late spring or autumn. You may need short and dry grass and moist soil for the optimal output from scarifying.