Getting Your House Renovated With 4 Room Resale Flat Renovation Package 

If you’ve recently purchased a new home and want to renovate it, here’s a guide to help you get started in a cost-effective and trustworthy manner. Interior designers can help you see your home’s interior in a new light.

Look no further than 96 Interior for intelligently designed interiors and attentive customer service. It offers full-service solutions and is all-encompassing for a 4 room resale flat renovation package and more as an award-winning Singapore-based interior design and restoration firm.

Why choose 96 interiors?

The interior design staff is dedicated to listening to your needs and creating meaningful environments for you and your loved ones to feel at ease. Its staff of skilled interior designers will help you change your house into a haven for you to live, work, play, and grow.

Services provided in this package?

  1. Advisory services

Professionals handle everything from interior design to workplace inspections without making any mistakes. For its services, it supplies accurate 3D designs, as well as dependable and suitable colors and materials.

  1. Masonry

The work of the pros who supply you includes furnishing the kitchen cabinets to the refrigerator base, as well as touch-ups in the washing and tiling.

  1. Improvements to the ceiling

Everything is made possible by 96 interiors, whether it is the installation of lights or the construction of a false ceiling 4-room resale flat renovation packages.

  1. Carpentry

 Installation of Cooktops, Cabinet Designing, Plywood or Stainless Steel Components, and all other work is also completed by this skilled service.


So, if you’re afraid about renovating your newly purchased home and aren’t sure how to decorate it, don’t fret; you can always hire one of the 96 interior design professionals.