How you can find out the engine size with VIN

One of the essential factors in the overall car valuation is the engine size. For instance, an insurance company mostly use the size of the engine to assist them to determine the charges of premium. Banks also the size of the engine to find out the value of the car. If you are curious about knowing the size of your car engine, you can use various method available to find this information. Here are some of the technique you can apply:

Check the Car VIN number 

Check the VIN number of the car which is made up of 17 characters both letter and numbers. All this character contain every information you may want to know about your vehicle. It is also printed on your car’s manual, your registration and the purchase. In some vehicles, the vin number is usually found on the dashboard, on the side of the driver.

Open the bonnet of your car

Open the bonnet of your vehicle and before you proceed, make sure you have turned off and cold. Check around the bay of the engine for the raised and etched mark that indicates the engine size. The EPA sticker are placed on another vehicle under the bonnet that shows the average consumption of the gas and the engine size.

Check the car’s Manual

The manual always states the size of the engine in various units including Mechanical Information and Specification.

Visit through the web browser 

vin number

Use the web browsers to visit, then click used and new vehicle center below the tab of Car-Research Center. Select the manufacture of the car on a new page followed by the model and year. A page that will appear next will unveil all pertinent information regarding your vehicle; this includes the size of the engine.

Check the VIN decoder.

VIN number decoder can also indicate the size of the engine. It consists of 4th to 8th digits which are identified as Vehicle Descriptor area. This section is typically used to describe particular parts of the car. Every number identifies the features of the automobile like the body style, model and the engine size. If you don’t have the manufacturer copy, visit your car dealer to get one so that you decode the size of your engine. Another alternative is to contact your automobile manufacturer and read your PIN directly for them so that they can interpret the engine size for you.