Importance Of Inclusive Playground Equipment

A playground is arguably the most important part of a kid’s life. It’s not only the place where they recreate and relax but also one where they develop fine learning skills. Kids form strong bonds and friendships on the playground and learn a few valuable life lessons in an extremely subtle manner. This is why it us extremely important that playgrounds are built in a manner that they are inclusive for each and every child. inclusive playground equipment might not be the immediate need of the hour but it is certainly something that each and every government should work to achieve.

How can more inclusivity be ensured in parks and playgrounds?

The most important component of a playground is arguably it’s swings. If you do not have a differently abled child in your family then chances are pretty high that you do not understand how traditional mainstream swings might be a little problematic. However, imagine yourself as a differently abled child that is unable to walk up stairs who goes into a park with a single ramp? Get the point? Ask any inclusive playground designer and they would tell you that today, it is very important that children are taught the importance of being together and United despite their physical or mental differences. An inclusive playground works towards achieving exactly that.

Children do not particularly understand differences and what sets them apart. It is only when they grow a little older and get a better understanding of the world that their differences are made more prominent. As adults it is our responsibility to preserve their innocence for as long as we can.