Interior design some of the tips for absolute beginners

Successful interior design requires accurate determination of your own needs, matching the spatial possibilities, and a bit of extravagance. How do you maintain proper moderation and get the most out of our interiors? What characterizes the right rhythm of patterns and colors? Why is a particular style, not everything? Interior design has an extended past – after all office fit-out, we have been paying great attention to the appearance of the space around us for centuries. Our home has been and will be an opposition to the dangers and chaos of the external world. Since always, the choice and arrangement of the place of residence have been guided by certain rules: this is our small microcosm, our command center, in which our loved ones stay, and everyday life goes on.

Eliminate unnecessary equipment

Many apartments advertise themselves as spacious. There is a reason Рwe associate more space with prestige, wealth, and success. Just look at the high ceilings in pre-war tenement houses. Of course, not everyone can afford a large area, so it is worth reaching for several proven ways to optically enlarge our homes and apartments. The simplest  office fit-out of them will be to eliminate any unnecessary equipment or replace them with smaller ones. Although large-size furniture is roomy, the space in which they are located dominates too easily. Our comfort suffers.

Let the sunlight in

Light will also help us in the fight for space (and better humor!). Let’s let him inside and, if possible, install large-format windows that will make the room appear larger than it really is. However, if we don’t have room for large windows, let’s try to make the most of the smaller ones. Let’s leave them exposed during the day. Let’s give up heavy curtains and blinds – light, bright curtains that will gently let the sun rays through are much better.