Make your hdb refreshing

Changing the color scheme of your apartment is one of the simplest (and most cost-effective) methods to revitalize it. You’d be shocked how many individuals are already living in their ideal houses when they attempt hdb painting and realize they simply need a few fresh coats of paint on their walls.

Tips for choosing the paint

  1. Consider going monochrome.

Painting your HDB apartment monochromatically does not imply painting every place the same hue. Instead, it proposes painting your interior with hues from the same color spectrum. It might be various colors of red, blue, or even white. If you have a tight space, painting both end walls a shade darker than the other divides might help to bring the area together. It is also conceivable that the barriers in these areas will be enormous. Leaving them naked or painting them in a single color will highlight the empty wall. To divide space, paint various colors above and below, with a darker shade on the bottom.

  1. Make Your Colors Stand Out

If painting your HDB apartment in a single hue does not appeal, you may make your little area appear larger by choosing contrasting colors. An accent color on a wall may create an illusion, bringing attention to a single focus point. You may experiment with various contrasting hues. Of course, the safer bet is to employ contrasting neutral hues so that your area feels homogenous, even if accent colors are introduced. It will, however, work if you wish to blend two high-contrast colors.


Patterns, like stripes, may be used to create an engaging and entertaining ambiance in your home. Paint your HDB apartment in a striped pattern to change the sense of your room.