What are the causes of broken marble flooring?

Flooring is an aspect of a home that is used almost every minute. The usage of marble tiles can add a curb appeal to your residence. However, sometimes cracks may appear due to the below-listed reasons. If you are having trouble fixing damaged tiles, contact local handyman services in St. Petersburg.

  • Inferior quality
  • Concrete curing
  • Heavy blows

Inferior quality: The main reason for homeowners to choose marble flooring is its ability to withstand wear and tear with grace. However, if you have been fooled by a supplier and sold poor-quality material, your tiles can break within a short span.

The funny thing is some customers buy marble with visible hairline cracks. Such negligence to review the texture of the product will attract damages at a faster rate.

This is why it is suggested to find a reliable and well-reputed supplier who will sell only high-quality and crack-free marble tiles that can serve the purpose for a long time.

Concrete curing: Installation of marble flooring must be done after the applied concrete is completely cured and dry. The content of water in the concrete is high which means it will move after drying.

So when the concrete is incompletely dried or cured, it will trigger stress on the marble attracting breakage or cracks with its movement. This can cost the homeowner to spend additional expenditure on the purchase of crack isolation membrane and reinstallation of new marble tiles.

Heavy blows: This is no brainer; heavy objects can break the surface of the marble when they get in contact with the tiles with too much force. Though the marbles have a high durability factor, it can definitely get damaged by attacks from pans, pots, heavy furniture, kitchen utensils, heavy traffic, stones, and metallic materials.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that the main causes of the creation of cracks on marble flooring are inferior quality, incomplete concrete curing, and heavy blows. If you have damaged marble tiles or have a requirement for the installation of marble flooring, reach out to local handyman services in St. Petersburg.